Custom Designed Furnishings for Specific Client Needs
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Interior Architecture of Alki House Alki House Interior Design Material and Color Palette Complements Interior Architecture Interior Dining Room Design
Emphasized Panoramic View Interior Decoration - Living Room Detail custom porcelain pulls for personalization Interior Livingroom Design
Personalized Interior Architecture and Design Solutions Attention to Detail and Spaces by Janice Viekman Interior Architecture takes Exterior into Account Interior Architect Janice Viekman - Alki House Portfolio
Steel stairs were detailed as a kit of parts, fabricated off site and assembled on site to reduce labor costs arrow left arrow right

Architectural and interior design for a new home on Alki point: The house includes owner’s living space, rental unit and guest suite. With a tight budget, design interest is derived from maximizing the views, flooding the house with light and accentuating proportion and scale.

Photography: Ben Benschneider
Final Photo: Janice Viekman