Portrait of Janice Viekman, experienced  Interior Designer
Janice Viekman has over 30 years experience designing private residences as well as large-scale commercial spaces. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, winning local, national, and international awards. Her projects have pleased clients with spaces that reflect their personalities, needs and goals.


Design solutions personalized to the client
"When I first looked at your portfolio I didn’t see any project that looked like 'me' and realized that you had given each client a very personal product. I liked that very much."
"You listen… you demonstrated your versatility by designing a dreamy, lovely bedroom and master suite that reflected my taste."
Creative solutions that function
"I also learned that you are a really good listener and you made it a point to get to know me in a way that enabled you to design my home to mesh perfectly with how I like to live and with what makes me comfortable. For example, the wide hallways and plenty of breathing room around furniture arrangements, and lots of storage."
Reaffirming & tranquil spaces
"Your strength, Janice, is understanding simplicity and editing. While others keep bringing in stuff, you use space and product more sparingly. It becomes more serene and appealing."
Attention to detail
"I love to tell the story about going to the furniture maker and determining the softness of the chairs. That to me was a sure sign of your commitment to every facet of design and customer satisfaction and is what made my experience the best."
Importance of scale, proportion & quality of light
I believe proper scale, proportion and quality of light, are at the heart of what makes spaces "feel right". Without them, interior decoration is just a Band-Aid.
Interior design that enhances architecture
"You are attentive to and knowledgeable about the architectural aspects of a project"
Solutions that fit within the client’s budget
"We felt you were sensitive to the budget estimate we first identified and were able to complete the project within those limits."


Professionalism and organizational skills honed by large commercial project management
"You are so organized, a perfectionist with a firm grasp of both the big picture and the tiniest details. You are a true artist with good business skills. Something that is rare."
"…while you have a depth of experience in the essentials of interior design, you also have the breadth to provide key insights into space planning, the ergonomics of how furnishings work in a space…"
Creative, refined design solutions: A degree in fine art frees creative problem solving to produce more unusual results
I don’t believe in solutions driven by preconceived ideas or design formulas.
Team player – experience on large projects taught respect for other design professionals and the value of collaboration
"You worked well with our architects and builder."
"You have good relationships with craftsmen in many trades."


Complete: All aspects of interior architecture and design for new construction or remodel
Custom: Tailored to specific client needs

Services include

  • Lifestyle needs assessment as it relates to room layout
  • Space planning
  • Interior architectural concept
  • Interior architectural detailing
  • Color and materials selection: interior and/or exterior
  • Furnishings: Selection and/or custom design
  • Accessory selection and/or design
  • Design implementation: Working drawings, specifications, furnishings purchasing
  • Pre-purchase evaluation of properties
  • Refreshment of furnishings and accessory arrangement


Janice Viekman

6626 SW Admiral Way
Seattle, WA 98116
tel (206) 621-0081
fax (206) 621-0085

Photography: William Wright